ROR2 – Survivors of the Void review

When I first heard that there’s an expansion for ROR2 coming out I was instantly excited, upon release and after playing it for 10 hours I can’t say the same any longer. The improvements this expansion brings are far between as It brings more problems to the table, ROR2 Is a polished game but playing…More

PowerWash Simulator – The Review

Labor went gaming and we love it When I first heard of PowerWash simulator I was baffled at the thought of doing labor in a virtual world for fun so I quickly turned the game down not giving it a chance. I only got convinced to try it after watching a Worth A Buy’s review…More

News Flash – Steam Deck, Elden Ring

Steam Deck – Come to papa It is here, the Steam Deck has arrived and Is available for purchase – but do not rush people to get your own piece. We don’t know if and what kind of issues could rise with this, and I’m not being skeptical because I doubt Valve – its just…More

Resurrection Hour – Games Id like to see get remade

Mafia Yes, It indeed is true that Mafia has been remade but, I am not happy with it. I don’t like the Mafia remake – It is dumbed down. And you might say “But Jank, they ain’t gonna remake it twice” – I don’t know if they will or won’t, all I can say Is…More

Jank’s Approved – The best WW2 FPSs

I don’t know about the majority but I love the WW2 setting in games – and movies for that matter, but its easy to screw it up. A good WW2 shooter has good gunplay and AI along with good atmosphere – because what is a WW2 setting without the feel of WW2. Call Of Duty…More

News Flash – Steam Next fest

What’s it about? The Steam Next fest is all about trying upcoming games, they all are indie games that you may or may not like – but you can decide by trying these demos. I think this is a brilliant thing for gaming, what it does is great and helpful. There is nothing bad about…More

Where’s it gone? – Underrated genres

Real-Time Frustration RTS (Real-Time strategy) Is one of the most unique genres, good RTSs give gameplay unlike any other genre – strategy on a comparable scale, giving plenty off opportunity to experience what’s it like to be in the shoes of a commander sending your troops to their demise or success, depending on your commitment.…More

What’s hot – Make War, not Diplomacy

Total War: Warhammer III “The cataclysmic conclusion to the Total War: WARHAMMER trilogy is coming. Rally your forces and step into the Realm of Chaos, a dimension of mind-bending horror where the very fate of the world will be decided. Will you conquer your Daemons… or command them?” Steam description Starting off with a major…More

Buff – Gaming’s biggest con-artist

Your information should always remain private – information such as internet and application activity. If someone gets access to the figures, they could abuse that information with the intent to pull more money out of you. Here comes Buff – gaming’s biggest con-artists. What is Buff? Buff claims to be a loyalty program – this…More

Meet The World – NightHawk

Hi, how the devil are you? I’m great thanks! Even better for having my first ever interview.What software do you use?I use blender, marvelous designer, marmoset toolbag, substance painter, zbrush and unreal engine – in no particular order, oh and substance designer.Which of these could you live without?I could probably get by without Marvelous designer,…More